Spiegel folgt den Spuren von Memri auf der Jagd auf Qaradawi

Pünktlich zu Weihnachten kreiert der Spiegel mit Hilfe eines Memri-Videos einen passenden Aufreger – auf Kosten eines angesehenen Gelehrten.

Am 12.12.2009 hielt Yusuf al-Qaradawi in Doha eine Freitagspredigt, in der er sich gegen die Unsitte, in einer muslimischen Stadt wie Doha überall Weihnachtsschmuck auszubreiten, aussprach. Ich habe keine Ahnung, wie diese Rede von Memri aufbereitet wurde, damit nun behauptet wird, er habe gegen Weihnachten und das Weihnachtsfeiern von Christen gehetzt. Da mir aber bekannt ist, dass er in früheren Jahren selbst schon Ärger mit den Salafi bekommen hat, weil er sich NICHT z.B. gegen Weihnachtsgrüße an Christen aussprach, konnte ich die ihm in den Mund gelegten Worte nicht recht glauben und habe mich auf die Suche gemacht. Ich fand auf einer Website 2 Zusammenfassungen:

Al-Qaradawi Says Christmas Celebrations in Qatar `Undermine` Islamic Identity
Gulf Times Online
December 12, 2009
Report by Anwar al-Shami: “Scholar Criticizes Public Celebrations of Christmas.”
Al-Qaradawi Giving Friday Sermon
Prominent Islamic scholar Sheikh Yousuf al-Qaradawi yesterday criticised the public celebrations of Christmas in Qatar, saying that such celebrations would “undermine” the country`s Islamic identity.
In his Friday sermon, Sheikh Qaradawi called the current practice of displaying Christmas trees and other Christmas-related decorations by local stores “un-Islamic”.
“This is not the image of the Muslim capital city of Doha,” Sheikh Qaradawi told a congregation of faithful at the Omar bin al-Khattab mosque at the Khalifa town.
“I don`t know if we are in a Muslim or Christian community. It is unreasonable that such celebrations can take place in Qatar which lies in the Arab peninsula and whose native population is Muslim,” he said.
Qaradawi, who is the head of International Union for Muslim Scholars, blamed the practice mainly on local stores which, he said, were owned by Muslim businessmen. The recent Eid al-Adha festival of Muslims, he said, had not seen such exaggerated celebration in stores.
“I wonder how owners of these stores, who belong to famous Muslim families, accept their stores participating in Christmas celebrations and putting up four or 5m high Christmas trees,” he said. This would only undermine the Islamic image of the community.
“Such appearances are prohibited by Islam and Muslims participating in them are ignorant of Islamic teachings in this regard,” he said.
“According to the Holy Qur`an, Jesus Christ`s birth was not in the winter season,” he added.
The scholar expressed his surprise that such public celebrations of Christmas could go on at a time when a European country banned the minarets of mosques and others were thinking of following suit. He was referring to the recent Swiss ban on new minarets in the country.
“How could store owners accept to celebrate a religious occasion that has nothing to do with their religion,” he wondered.
“This means that they are ignorant of how to deal with others. There was a poll in France that showed that 41% of the surveyed had opposed more mosques and 46% opposed more minarets,” he said, quoting the result of a recent survey published in a French newspaper.
The scholar also criticised US President Barack Obama`s acceptance of the Nobel Peace prize days after ordering a surge in the number of American troops fighting in Afghanistan.
“I don`t know for what achievement Obama has won the Peace Prize. Obama pulled some of his troops out of Iraq only to send them to Afghanistan. He even failed to force Israel to suspend the building of settlements in Palestine so that peace talks could be resumed,” he said.
“How come that several countries of the world are still embroiled in war and conflict and Obama is getting the Peace Prize?”
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 Al-Qaradawi Says Christmas Celebration in Muslim Countries `Prohibited, Shameful`
Al-Arab Online
December 12, 2009
Al-Qaradawi giving Friday sermon
Doha Al-Arab Online in Arabic on 12 December carries a 600-word report by Muhammad Sabrah in Doha on Al-Qaradawi`s viewpoint on preparations for Christmas celebrations and President Obama`s receiving of Noble Prize.
The report begins by citing Dr Yusuf al-Qaradawi, President of the International Association of Muslim Scholars, as saying that the ongoing preparations for the Christmas celebrations in the Arab and Islamic capitals are “prohibited, shameful, and unbefitting.” Al-Qaradawi regards the celebrations as “a proof of stupidity in imitating others and an ignorance of what Islam necessitates in such circumstances.” He goes on to say that the celebration of non-Islamic feasts means that “the nation is abandoning its Islamic identity.”
Commenting on what is happening in the Arab and Islamic capitals nowadays, Al-Qaradawi wonders asking: “What society are we living in? Are we living in a Muslim or Christian society?” He criticizes the Christmas celebration manifestations in the Doha shops and streets saying: “It is as if we are living in a Christian European country.”
Al-Qaradawi expresses his regret because at a time when the Christmas celebration manifestations are spreading everywhere in the Islamic countries, the calls for banning the construction of minarets in Europe are increasing. He adds: “While they (Christians) ban us form constructing minarets and are about to ban the construction of mosques, we share them the Christmas celebrations.”
Al-Qaradawi then turns to President Obama`s receiving of Noble Prize, criticizing the Swedish academy that granted Obama the prize and wondering: “What has Mr Obama achieved in order to deserve the peace prize?” He continues by saying: “The US President has not achieved peace neither in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, nor in Palestine.” He notes that “Obama was even unable to commit Israel to temporarily halt the settlement activities in Palestine.”
Al-Qaradawi points out that “the US President ordered the withdrawal of a number of US troops in Iraq and the transfer of them to Afghanistan (they were transferred from on war to another.)”
He says that blood is still being shed in Iraq and Afghanistan under the full view of the US Army; the world is still at war, then why does Obama receive the Noble Prize?!!”
The report concludes by quoting Al-Qaradawi as saying: “America is not innocent of the blood that is being shed in Pakistan, Yemen, and Sudan.”
(Description of Source: Doha Al-Arab Online in Arabic — Website of independent, large-circulation pan-Arab daily with close ties to the ruling family; sometimes critical of government policies; URL:
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Ich habe sie extra komplett kopiert, damit man sehen kann, wie wenig das mit den Behauptungen zu tun hat, die nunmehr dank MEMRI im deutschsprachigen Internet und anderswo kursieren. Würde sich jemand darüber aufregen, wenn ein katholischer Geistlicher seine Gläubigen anmahnt, nicht überall Chanukkias aufzustellen und statt Weihnachten Chanukka zu feiern? (macht keiner, weiß ich, da ist auch eher das Problem, dass orthodoxe Juden die Krise kriegen, wegen Weihnukka – kann ich auch gut verstehen).

MEMRI entwickelt sich wirklich zum Pendant von PI. Dass der Spiegel dort einfach abkupfert, ist ein echtes Armutszeugnis.